Poetry That Warms Us

So as Storm Emma was in full flow on Friday it kind of felt quite timely for me. The storm disrupted everything and was pretty wild - it meant a lot of things were cancelled, things did not go as planned. I guess that’s kind of what my life feels like. This poem just ended up coming out of me - it’s about feeling frustrated about life not going the way you want it to and not seeing your hopes and dreams fulfilled but still clinging on to hope. I hope in sharing this it speaks to you wherever you’re at.

If I’m honest today
I’d like to hide away
Want to hibernate
Turn off the noise.

I want to find the place
of your embrace
My shelter
In this stormy weather.

My strength has gone
I need to hear your song again.
My heart is weak
I need to hear you speak again.
Won’t you take the pain
And breathe your life in to my veins.

If I’m honest today
Life feels like a lot of lost wishes in a wishing well.
I know that you’re not empty or vacant
So I’m in need of your patience
Coz things aren’t going the way that I planned way back when I was seven
Looking up at those twenty somethings and thinking
‘They’re grown up, they know what they’re doing.’
Well little Emma I’m almost 25 now
But things are not that straightforward somehow
Actually, a lot of the time, life doesn’t make sense and I’m just floating on by in suspense of when I’ll be back on cue.
But the script of my life has gone so off piste with the beast featuring a lot more than planned.
But even in his presence I’ve known HIS presence to be stronger.
I’ve received a feast, watched the beast meet its defeat and retreat to the darkness where it came from.
Because he cannot beat the glorious light, HIS light that has infiltrated my life. This light, even in the darkest of nights has not been overcome.
It has won.

So even though the plan of my life feels overdue
My hopes and my dreams are not wasted - he will be true.
Because he is faithful
My hope is not naive
For he is my rock
He never forsakes or leaves me
For He is my rock
He never forsakes or leaves me.

- Emma Broome

Emma Broome

Emma lives and works in Bath, after studying Drama and Psychology she is keen to use her skills to help young women through pastoral work. She writes weekly devotionals and a blog called Pearls In The Darkness for the Pretty Raw Club.