The Wife of Noble Character - Is She Nice?

Have you ever had someone treat you badly and retaliated? Sometimes it feels pointless and painful, like bringing a knife to a gun fight right? But doesn't it always hurt, even if you crush your opponent?

I think this is because we were designed for self-control. But when we're provoked and lash out, we let someone else tell us the appropriate way to behave. We give our sense of self over to them. It hurts because we lose sight of our identity, even if it's just for a moment.

Following on from yesterday's blog, talking about the Wife of Noble Character* as seen in Proverbs 31, I want to highlight verse 12 (NIV) which tells us what wisdom looks like,

'She brings him good, not harm,

    all the days of her life.'

*Here the writer is talking about how she treats her husband. But yesterday I made the point that these Proverbs relate to all of us, regardless of our relationship status.

So when we're faced with a battle, a struggle or just facing daily life - what are we bringing to the table?

Are you bringing a knife, expecting a fight?

Are you coming empty handed and allowing other people dictate your behaviour?

Or are you prepared and bringing something good?

My point is this:

we are an active participant and provider to the people around us.

We bring something, it's either positive or negative.

It's your choice which one it is.

Sharon Treharne

Sharon Treharne is the founder of the Pretty Raw club. She lives in a tiny cottage in Marshfield with her husband Dan, and a perfectly wrinkly-dog-sized hole to fill. They love dancing in their lounge, going on night time walks to see bats and playing made up games with their friends.